How Kindle Unlimited Pays You

It’s importantly to know how you are paid. As a KDP writer that takes part int he Unlimited program it took me a while to figure out how I was actually paid and evaluate if it was worth being in Kindle Unlimited opposed to being on multiple platforms.

Calculating your Kindle Page Reads pay out is very simple. It comes out to about. .48 cent’s a page. Your per book sale is calculated for you when you set up the costs of your books.

So, for about every 2 pages I make a penny. I made a google doc that I can enter my page reads into and it will spit out a formula for me showing my monthly income from page reads. It also allows me to see what my goal for page reads is to reach different income points. If you want to make $100 a month just off of Kindle Unlimited you will have to exceed 20,000 pages read. If you have a 200 page book, that’s getting 100 people to read your book each month.

It’s also interesting to note that on a longer book being  sold for $0.99 you will could make significantly more from Page reads than sales. Each page read helps you rank better on Amazon and so does each sale. If your book is newer you can probably make more money starting at $0 .99 and then raising it to $2.99 after you’ve had strong sales or strong Kindle Page Reads to improve your Rank.




  1. Thank you for your explanation of KDP Select’s Unlimited royalty payments. I have read some other explanations and it still leaves me confused. Doesn’t the payment vary from month to month depending on the allocated pool of funds Amazon provides? However, I’m reading that the pool of funds has been steady over the last months, but the Unlimited books being offered continues to increase. Perhaps I don’t understand, but doesn’t that calculate to less per page of royalty paid? Sorry, I still find the program confusing. I still feel that unless you are selling a significant number of books per month with the Unlimited program, we are being taken advantage in royalties payments. I wish someone would prove me wrong.

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  2. Is fairly consistent around those numbers in my experience. Its mostly for estimating. You are correct, it does very.
    I have met quite a few authors that are upset with Amazon, claiming that they are not getting their share of the money pool or that scammers are taking up a big chunk of the kindle unlimited funds money.

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  3. It’s a kind of off topic but I’ll leave it here if you need this info. Kindle Unlimited is not even available in all countries. For example, it’s not available in Montenegro, where I live. I have Kindle but I can use it only the classic way 🙂


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