How to Get Your Free Book in more hands?

If you are giving your book away for free you might find that it’s surprisingly hard to find thousands of people who want to read it. It’s even harder to get them to actually leave a review.

One sure fire way to get more readers is to build an author platform. This consists of your social media pages, your author blog, and your emails list. The idea is that you’d have thousands of followers to distribute your books to.

Imagine having free cookies. You can’t just leave them on your kitchen counter and expect people to come and get them. You have to tell people that you have them. Just being on kindle will give you an audience for your free book. But it wont guarantee reviews.

Even before your first book is released you can start interacting with your target audience. Check out yesterday’s article on Author Platforms to learn more about building your audience online.

What really makes a free book gain traction?

Aside from being a good, polished book, a few reviews go a long way. The book might be free but at the end of the day a book without reviews results in readers having reasonable suspicion not to buy.

Books are like any other product. Generally before you buy, you read reviews. The more good reviews you see, the less you believe the bad reviews.

I interviewed 5 successful Indie authors about what made them successful. Find that article here . It’s full of useful information.


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