Inspiring Writers (Or Rather, Writers That Inspire Me)

Clive Barker Cabal and The Hellbound Heart

The movie Nightbreed is based on the book Cabal. Cabal is a hard book to explain. I found it after finding out that the movie I loved growing up was based on a book. I’d watched Nightbreed at least a dozen times with my father not even knowing what I was watching so when I found out there was a book version I had to read it and see what I was missing. The Hellbound Heart was the book that really solidified my love of horror with its graphic detail and strong use of sexuality.

Ernest HemingwayIslands in the Stream and A Farewell to Arms

Ernest Hemingway is one of my favorite authors for learning about characters. Everything I’ve read from Hemingway has been character driven and I love that. A Farewell to Arms has one of the most depressing endings I’ve ever read. In Islands in the Stream, I was happy for the main character when he met his fate. I appreciated his blight and that at the end of the book he got what he really needed.

Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Ernest and The Picture of Dorian Grey

Oscar Wilde makes me smile. The Importance of Being Ernest shouldn’t be as funny as it is considering how long ago it was written. But it’s gold. The Picture of Dorian Grey was this weird kind of horror novel with bits about an obsession with beauty that I, as a person not concerned with my own beauty, wanted to understand. The way it was written was good and the draw of others to Dorian and his beauty was interested just to read. The repercussions of his painting and the weird connection to it that Dorian has worked so well.

Ray BradburyFahrenheit 451

I’ve read this about 10 times. Never read it in high school because I was put in special reading classes after performing badly on a reading test in 4th grade. I assumed it probably wasn’t that good because most the books we read in my schooling weren’t very interesting to me. But this book really intrigued me. It’s the verbiage and the story. How intense it is and the sacrifice that Montage makes. “Remember the lilies.”

H.P. Lovecraft

The full collection of his works and the works that they have inspired. H.P. Lovecraft has a unique look at the world and by reading Lovecraft you can really feel the hopelessness and the smallness of being a mere human.

Who inspires you?

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