4 Reasons to Read Cosmic Horror

The unfathomable power of creatures. Creatures that are huge, planet size, or so ancient that our lifespans are nothing. Nothing makes you feel so small and unimportant as cosmic horror.

Sometimes you just need to know your really closer to the size and significance of an ant than other parts of the universe. In relation to the sun, you and an ant have a closer size. If an ant is .1 inches tall (estimate; the ants keep moving) your average height is about 5,6 or 66 inches. You’re looking at 1 to 660 ratio. So in relation to us to a creature of that magnitude, we would be looking at a creature 43,560 inches tall (66 inches x 660) or 3,630 feet tall. Burj Khalifa built in 2010 was only 2,717 ft tall. Something of that size is just unfathomable. You’d be twice as tall as the Sears Tower (sorry Willis Tower) We can’t even create this size as humans.

Fear of the unknown, those things that go bump in the distance. Cosmic horror is a fear of the unknown in the land of what if’s. It exists in places with little to do

The idea that our gods were all possibly just creatures from other worlds is prevalent in modern society. Ancient aliens goes there every episode. Thankfully cosmic horror is usually a lot better than that. These beings are from places we can’t imagine and have lived longer than humans have existed or are from a place that humans can’t access but know of. These stories are grounded in a weird reality that can be bent and challenged.


For inspiration find the complete works of HP Lovecraft Here


  1. ‘Nothing makes you feel so small and unimportant as cosmic horror.’ <- Not that my failed relationship women, my gay stalker, or my job offers failed to try. 😉

    I would hint at 'Justified fear of the Unknown', as in that kind of literature it is a surefire way to stumble into dangerous occult or extraterrestrial encounters which won't be mainstreamed like Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.


  2. I want to write cosmic horror one day (I have some ideas, but nothing I’m prepared to delve into yet) so reading it is a must even though I’m a gigantic wuss puss and it terrifies me. Writing what terrifies you is a fantastic way to convey deep and strong emotions.

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