The Hellbound Heart / Hellraiser Reboot is Coming

There are not many book to movie adaptations that hold true to the story and texture of the books at inspire them. In recent history I think a lot about Mortal Engines, a book series I greatly enjoyed, but none the less a movie that felt dull by comparison.

But Hellraiser? The movie was on point. It was a close adaptation but still a solid adaptation. As far as a book series goes, Pinhead does show up in other works by Clive Barker but there is no true Hellbound Heart sequel. The movie series however, does have sequels. Sequels that go a bit crazy and the writing gets lazy and the lore gets lost. Heck, some of the movies were meant to be sand alone films without ever involving Pinhead.

I’m not exited to see the reboot happening. More-so I am excited to see if the reboot leads to better sequels. Barker originally wanted the third movie in the series to involve ancient Egypt and the great pyramid being a giant puzzle box. The sequels would have been more interesting if Barker had stayed more heavily involved in all of them.

What do you think?

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