Deep Star 6 Movie Review

Deep Star 6 Movie Review

Deep Star 6 does not come after Deep Star 5……

Deep Star 6 is about a crew of an underwater military mission (At least that what is kind of sort of sounded like) who are trying to set up missiles underwater…. because we need that! But the movie isn’t about that. It’s about a monster. Which is really what I wanted to see. The monster!

Which was lacking, it was like a mutant lobster thing that wasn’t at all impressive. It was about on par with the acting.

DeepStar Six vs. Leviathan: 1989's Two Sea Monster Movies Face OffThis guy makes the movie harder to watch. I like the idea of his character, buckling under stress. But it’s just a bit over done. 1 mistake is enough. We didn’t need the whole movie to be a series of his poor decisions.

That said I did really like this actors role in Robocop (best movie ever made btw)…. but that aside, there were some cool features of this movie.

There are these anti shark spears that shoot air into the monster and anything else they stab and it’s pretty cool.

Typically underwater movie, bad things happen, someone panics, they make more bad decisions… there’s and underground cave, they unleash a monster, then they kind of sort of fail to kill it until only a couple of them get out. I watched this a few days after I watched Leviathan…. honestly just watch Leviathan again, it’s better.

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