Leviathan Movie Review

This was a good one.

Watched this as part of an underwater horror movie 4 day binge. Not sure what started it, probably a documentary about blue holes. (look them up, they are horrifying. Huge underwater caves, just horrifying. If you die there they don’t bring back the body. They leave you because it’s too dangerous. But enough about that.)

Leviathan (1989) (Film) - TV TropesLet’s start with the setting. They are mining underwater. Done, got it! Awesome! So miners get into their suits and they go out and do mining for silver. The miners are under a corporations thumb and they are stuck down there unable to communicate with the surface, except through corporate. The corporation are dicks and don’t really care about the people. An incident would cause problems with stock prices ya see…..

So there’s this Russian ship that the pervert falls into (he’s the tall bad guy from home alone, only other movie I’ve seen him in) and this sunken Russian ship has a box in it. And the guy and the girl who go into this ship get sick because there’s some kind of parasite or something mutating them.

So we get some body horror. Oh and, it’s important to point out that before all of this, the movie takes a good 20 minutes to actually develop characters and what their roles are and their connections with each other. That’s  important. I appreciate that the movie did that. Some other movies like Underwater didn’t do that…..

Anyways so all goes bad and then there’s a bunch of body horror and it’s kind of like the thing but underwater from that point on. Except with an ending that kid of shows a monster standing up right in shallow water but it’s in the middle of the ocean….

I liked this movie. It’s hard to do a good movie underwater. But this one did a great job. Better than most do now days. It reminded me a bit of the game Soma.

Good movie, good effects, interesting creature.

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