Child’s Play Movie Review (CHILD’S DON’T PLAY!… HAHAHAHAHAHA)

Honestly I didn’t know this brand was called Child’s play until I had seen all of it once. I thought it was the Chucky series.
My brother and I loved the Chucky series. Dad used to rent parts of it from the old blockbuster for us. It was a blast. We’d watch some horror and have a jolly good time. But this isn’t about those times. although I will soon do a series of posts about all my favorite childhood movies because that will be fund to make. Then I’ll do reviews on them.

Anyhow this movie was a remake of the original Child’s Play. Which I am going to try to be nice about but….


So, the movie starts with a factory worker who seems kinda lazy getting yelled at for being lazy and day dreaming and being told he’s going to be fired (if they were going for hopelessly depressed they needed to do more character building. It’s possible but needed to be done to really understand WHY anyone would do what comes next). So the guy goes ahead and changes the programing of this doll and removes all the safe guards. Then he goes and kills himself. The original saw a serial killer putting his soul into a doll to save his own life (Scarier in my opinion).

This doll starts learning from the kid, Andy, and his friends. Which was interesting. They teach the doll to scare Andy’s mom’s boyfriend and to do other creepy things because it’s funny. So this doll learns that the kids thought an old horror movie was fun because of a murder so it was going to do a murder to make Andy happy. Then is all starts to get pretty killy and they taught it to sneak and to be creepy so we are go for gold.

So that part was smart and interesting. If it wasn’t a chucky movie this might have been a good story. It could have been a good stand alone story about not giving kids Artificial Intelligence toy friends going forward.

But it didn’t’ feel like child’s play. IT get weirdly techy and they tried to bring it to 2020 when it fit well in the 80’s. Even the newer additions to the original Child’s Play lore were more interesting. The doll being violent and sadistic. The doll being full of endless hate and anger made it scary. There being a PERSON in the doll made it scary.

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