Gemini Man Movie Review

Will Smith Fighting WIll SMITH! WHAT!!!!!

Yeah count me in. Well, almost in. I am writing this a while after it was released. Still…. The premise is there. LET”S DO IT!!!!!!

So this movie was interesting. Its about this older assassin who has a bad past who tries to retire, queue what always happens in movies, the people he worked for obviously aren’t cool with that so time to KILL KILL KILL…..

Then it get’s interesting, and this is in the trailers, he’s got a clone.


So this is a good premise. The close thinks he’s “the best” and that he’s destined to be this great killer and he’s this young kid who is confused that he’s not able to complete his mission. I feel for this kid really. He’s been lied to his whole life and send to kill the dude he was closed from.
So older will smith goes ahead an tries to not kill his 20 something year old clone. Which at first I disagreed with because I think I’d try to kill me for trying to kill me, because who am I to murder me?

But as they go through he story and older will smith travels and tries to unpack what is happening and Junior starts to learn and grow as a character we learn what is going on and characters actually grow. Actually everyone grows except for the bad guy. The bad just stays as the bad guy. He doesn’t become a better person. He’s just the bad guy.

BUT everyone else grows in some way (those who live) and it’s interesting to see the path hat they take with this. I thought it would have a much sadder ending. But ti turned out pretty joyful for everyone involved and they all landed in a good place.

Good movie, not sure if it’s worth watching more than once.

This one is on AMAZON Prime right now.

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