Midnight Sun Book Review

This is not my normal jam. I usually don’t talk Twilight but I’m feeling excitable today.

It all started when my wife wanted to read a book together. So we did….. Twilight. Not my first choice but I thought I could get her into the Scarlet Gospels or Mr. Be Gone afterwards…. not what happened either….

So we read these books years ago. Years. I forgot about them. Then it came back around. All the way back around. Not just with movies but with a new book. I thought I was done but you roped me back in. Gosh darn it if there’s a series I’m likely going to complete it. I read the rest of the series, I took my wife to the movies, darn it, I can do this!

“When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But until now, fans have heard only Bella’s side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward’s version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun.”

It was good to learn more about Edward. I felt like knowing these things would have benefited me in the initial read. I always kinda felt like Edward needed to be fleshed out more. (The movies truly didn’t do him justice). And at first I thought this is where the book was going. That we would find out about all these things in his past and all the interesting places he may have been, the people he may have met, the influences that lead him to meeting Bella and propelled his actions in the story with her. That there would be context to EVERYTHING because of this book and the new view point.


I’m not sure how my wife keeps getting me to read these. Oh yes I do…… The promise of us reading Cabal together (Coming full circle here).
She doesn’t like Cabal. it is too……. different. She claims that’s why I don’t like Midnight Sun. But she’s got a pinch left in Cabal so I’m hoping she comes around. Midnight Sun is a nonsense name but it also is pretty dang cool. So let’s give the book some praise there.

Well, this is a review from a 30 something man who read this book so his wife would read Cabal. We got discuss this one over a few days. Which helped pass time in the pandemic. But it’s Cabal that will really bring us together.

As a final note. I didn’t really dislike this book, if anything it was just bland (if bland is a good word?). I’ve read much worse. It just wasn’t what I expected. It’s a book written for a different audience than me.

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