JLA VS Predators! REVIEW

In the early 2000’s Comic books weren’t being made into movies every other month. There wasn’t a huge outcry for more crossovers. I watched the Justice League as a late night cartoon. The stories were always fantastical but never were too outlandish. At the time I didn’t read much of anything let alone comics. So I missed a gem of a comic called JLA VS Predators!

In this comic book the Justice League takes on a group of genetically enhanced Predators that attack the JLA base in space. The predator’s all have powers similar to the JLA members. For instance, there is a Super Man Predator.

This comic book was a 1 off comic, not part of any on going storyline. I don’t believe it borrowed much from the JLA comics or the Predator comics (Yes, there are Predator comics).

As you can see from the cover there’s a BATMAN Predator and even a Green Lantern Predator! I picked this up for $3 at a comic book sale and it’s made for a very good talking point with friends that are into comic books or are into predator or just into weird things. Because this is a weird comic book. That’s this books strongest point. It’s kinda funny to mention after you’ve read it.

The story itself seems serious at first and then very quickly starts to take itself as the silly concept that it is as JLA members face off against their predator counters.

Reading this opened me up to more interesting crossovers like the Batman Vs Predator Crossover. This event was a 3 part comic that actually took itself seriously. It is also not attached to any other ongoing comic series and acts as a standalone.

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