Books about Werewolves!

Werewolves are very interesting monsters. They play their own special role in horror. Audiences have long been captivated by the … More

Books about Azathoth

Azathoth Published By: Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing2020-10-26   Author: H. P. Lovecraft Azathoth is a deity in the Cthulhu Mythos and … More

Books by Clive Barker

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I’m laying here in my own bed and this place seems like hell. I hear him scratching and digging in … More


Washed There was blood in the sand and sand in his blood. Left from the dark night before. Being stabbed, … More


It’s tentacles were coated in a thick jelly like substance that stank of dog urine in the heat of the … More


Verbal Are these words Or only noises In our minds It’s all our choices

Sky Castles

Sky Castles There’s a boulder in the sky Rolling across the towering black cities Once pleasant and peaceful The citizens … More