Book marketing and planning – my next launch

Using content for book marketing is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. Then use that traffic to drive more Book Sales. I’m preparing to launch a group of books in the same Cosmic or universe and because of that I’ve been looking at from platforms that people are using to launch their books and how those platforms have performed for them. What they did the types of blog post that they posted.

I’m seeing is really surprising because when I do research into book marketing and how to get more clicks on your blog and how to kind of build that platform for launching multiple books all in a series or even multiple books at start different series or stand-alone books he’s really successful people having platforms.

Twitter Facebook and Instagram a great butt they don’t really drive this much traffic or hold content quite like a Blog does in Twitter face Menace gram don’t rank as well for searches that are related to your books as what a Blog is going to. If I’m going on Fox based on a world of cosmic or it’d be really good for me to take a look at what people are looking for in Cosmic horrorr and the kind of law posted generate more traffic for that and you can use something as simple as buzzsumo. Com for that.

So by generating more content it’s related to what you’re selling you’re actually going to be drawing in people or stood in what you have. We should be simple enough but it’s not. It’s not simple because it’s really easy to overlook ways or rather the types of things people would be searching for when they would be interested in something you have. So I’m preparing to write and release a group of cosmic horror books. So to do that I’m going to release a series of blog posts over the next few months they’re going to touch base on different parts of cosmic horror and books and movies that talk about Cosmic horror.

At that same time I’m also going to read books in that genre and release book reviews on Cosmic horror books. I will also release list of cosmic horror books that I think people should read because they’re good and list do well for SEO and forgetting clicks. In doing so I will use this to build an email list by giving away some Cosmic horror short stories I wrote. I have two available on my blog right now. 

This literally is only going to take me about 30 minutes a day to do and do really well building it based on everything I’ve seen and that’s just because it doesn’t take that long to write a quick little article.

I wrote this in 10 minutes on my tablet using text-to-speech. So I know I can write a series of food articles that will help my website rank well and SEO when I turn it into a dot com and that I’m going to get more organic traffic. Eventually I’ll have base group that are interested in Cosmic horror or at the very least my style of writing in my email list and reading parts of my blog.

Will Everyone buy? no. I wouldn’t expect to everyone that reads about post to buy I would expect everyone to email this to buy. I’m actually going to be giving a lot of stuff away for free because I don’t want short-term success I want long-term success. If I can give away 1000 ebooks in a week and get 50 to 100 reviews out of that my poop is going to rank better and I’m going to rank good not only from the sales but from the reviews. Once I rank well I’ll get more visibility on Amazon and that will give me the ability to get more Book Sales and get more page reads on Kindle unlimited because right now my platform is going to be focused on Kindle exclusively cuz I want to have a big bass on a Kindle before moving to other platforms cuz it’s easier to build on one than just a move to others.




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