IT Book Review

IT is one of the few books by Steven King that I have been able to get through. I’ve tried many of his novels but I get lost in all the details and the slow moving plots. I much prefer his short stories.

IT is a good book. The characters, like all of King’s Characters, are well thought out and developed. the book does a great job of bouncing between the present day and the past and forms a duel narrative. It’s almost like reading the same story twice… but different.

I’ve seen both the Movie and the Mini Series and picked up the audio book of IT to finally finish it.

Let me be clear, this audio book is 45 hours long. I typically aim for audio books that I can listen to in about 10 hours. So compared to what I normally read or listen to, this book was enormous.

And really that’s the only thing I don’t like about the book. if it’s size were somehow trimmed it could possibly be a better book. The story could be developed with fewer characters and some minor events, that are skipped in the movie could be skipped in the book too. But then it wouldn’t be a Stephen King Book would it? Then we wouldn’t know everything these poor kids really went through. Then we might not fully understand the orgy at the end.

It took me a few months to finish IT. It was such a long read that I took a few breaks to read other books. But it was so detailed that I was able to fairly easily remember where I was because of the depth of the characterization.

Thank you for reading.

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