Book Marketing – Rule of 10 – Thoughts

The rule of 10 is something I’ve been finding when looking at how other writers are marketing. I’ve seen a few different people talk about how consumers (readers) need to see your book on average 10 times before they will be interested enough to buy if they are in the demographics that would purchase it. To me this brings up the problem of getting in front of someone 10 times.

The easiest way? Ranking high on Amazon so more people see you more often.

Baring your ability to do that how can your marketing platform help?

Well if your blog attracts the kinds of people who read your books you can put a quick thing at the bottom saying hey this is a book I wrote. Kind of your own ad on every post. I do that for most of my posts on this blog. “Hey I write cosmic horror find some for free here!”

Twitter and Facebook are great for getting in front of audiences in their daily lives if they follow you. More people use Facebook than anything else. I stared using YouTube and Need to rethink my approach and make content with more quality. My videos are all very poorly done and have an ad on them for the free software I used to make them. So I also drop a lot of my posts onto Reddit and I puts them into a few other article databases to drive more traffic and get more impressions.

Emails help with this too. It’s people you already know have seen your work enough times to be interested.

Given that people need to see your work 10 times before they recognize it and consider making a purchase, how does one get in front of the same person that many times?


I’ve read a lot of business and success books. One thing that all the really successful people had was consistency. They delivered a good product every time. They did their job every day. They worked hard all day every day consistently. It’s a long game. Getting people to see your work enough times to be interested is hard. Everyone else is screaming for that same bit of space on everyone’s shelves.

Which reinforces what I think is the easiest way to get in front of your target consumer. Page rank. Once your ranking well and gaining consistency in your salScreenshot (133) - Copyes you can focus more on other things. You can write more because you’ve built the marketing backbone for your books. The first book has got to be the hardest.

I don’t just write about writing and book marketing. I also do book reviews and write actual stories quite often. I’ve got a few of them for free via this link.


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