Writer Focus

As a writer it’s very easy to get distracted and not finish a section or a novel. I think that it’s important to stay on task and to schedule out what you are doing. If you don’t schedule then forming a habit of working on your writing X amount of time a day until you can do it full time is an effective method as well.

For me that means that when I am polishing a piece of work I need to also be writing. This allows me time to read and proof but have the progress on upcoming works to better align with my goals. The focus of what I do is always on production.

By production I mean putting words on the page. I’ll be honest, I threw out everything I wrote in the last week because I took my characters down the wrong path. I’ve heard arguments that you can save everything but I disagree.  If the story goes somewhere that feels like trash to the writer, than it’s trash to the reader and you should probably drop it.

Keeping with that idea, if anything you write is boring, or you find it boring to read through something you’ve written. Your reader will likely feel the same way. Why try to publish something you don’t even like? Get rid of it and focus on the better parts of what you are working on.

I focus on the parts of my writing that work. If I make a turd, I don’t polish it. I flush it. I polish rocks. They might be rough when I first throw them but when I’m done at least I know I put my time into polishing something solid.

This may have gotten a little rambley?

Your thoughts?

Do you think every piece of work can be saved?

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