American Horror Story – Hotel – Review

Season 5-

Hotel! I’ve been looking forward to this since season 1. What I wanted in this season was for it to be just like the house but in a hotel. I’m kinda glad I didn’t get that and instead I got vampires.

I have to say, I really wanted to find Lady Gaga attractive because that would have made me enjoy seeing so much of her so often but there’s something about her I just don’t fancy. That’s a personal preference and I truly do not understand.

At first, I was disappointed because I could care less about vampires and I am getting tired of ghosts. Then I found out a ghost is based of H.H. Holms the famous serial killer who built a murder hotel in Chicago and !. I’ll stop there because I read and watch a ton of stuff about serial killers because they fascinate me.

That’s why I geeked out when half way through the season the group of famous killers alldownload (2) got together to have a dinner and I called out who they were as they appeared and my wife didn’t get why I liked the way that they were portrayed. Then I explained in detail what they’d each done and she was glad I watch those documentaries without her. Loved the HH Holms Character. His hotel was cool.

I felt bad for the detective’s daughter. (sorry bad at remembering names). She’s just forgotten and her mother is probably the worst person I’ve ever seen. Love your son too much to love your daughter? You should be killed for abandoning her lady. At first, I really hated that Gaga had taken the detective’s son because the detective wasn’t paying attention (AKA he took a call while the kid was on a ride…). But once I found out that it was part of a larger scheme to make him into a killer I was more Okay with it.

I wanted to care about the vampires but every season there’s a character or two that I guess I just don’t like. This season is was all the vampires. They were just plain to me. They tried to develop Gaga’s character so much and it just felt boring in the end. She was kind of just a #*$&$ to everyone. I did like Liz and really thought Gaga’s character would let Liz have her man as kind of a change of heart or some kind of character development because at that point in Gaga’s story she should have had some kind of a heart or understanding. But nope. Just killed her boy toy who she was already planning on replacing because REASONS.

American Horror Story Hotel

At the end of it all, I really like what happens with the detectives family and how they are reunited yearly. I kinda felt like his daughter is still left out of things. I think this season ending wrapped things up fairly well and I liked it. I couldn’t have thought of a better end for Liz. I wanted Gaga to die and not be a ghost. But we can’t get everything we want. A family getting a morbid ending of a ghost daddy, human daughter, vampire mom, and son works I guess.

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