Atomic Habits Book Review

2020 was a great year for ruining habits wasn’t it?
The whole world got flipped and turned around. I went from an office setting to a work from home setting. My home habits had to compete with my work habits. I had to rebuild how wanted to function for this new world I was living in. It’s easy to want to be lazy when you are working next to your bed.

So I looked to a book that I had been recommended many years ago. Atomic Habits. I should have read this book years ago.

Atomic Habits builds out a way to build habits starting with the smallest step. The thing that stuck with me most was the authors ability to communicate this information in an easy to understand way. I fully understood why I ever failed to build new habits until now.

Normally we try to make full changes. WE want to exercise every morning so we focus on making ourselves get up to exercise right?
Wrong. We shouldn’t’ do that. We need to break this down into the smaller steps. The smaller easier tasks.

The best way for me to explain what I learned and why I like this book and recommend it is to explain how I now get myself to exercise every morning.

I discovered that if I can get myself into my basement I will exercise. That’s it. I don’t’ even to plan out what I will do or how I will do it. I just need to get myself into the basement.

It’s the first step. I need to focus on that first step. Just like Atomic Habits teaches. By focusing on the first step of a habit, you start the habit. You start making the habit happen. It makes completing the habit easier.

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